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Flying on the upbeat wings of a dragon... [entries|friends|calendar]
Kaiba Seto

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OOC: original pass first caps. [02 May 2013|12:20pm]
((don't worry about it. Just a reminder to myself.))
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Anything to write about? No, not really...ok...perhaps. [05 Nov 2004|05:30pm]
...can't accept such absurdity...Collapse )
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Recollections of the Past and Present [08 Oct 2004|12:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I sat in my office chair and sighed. All of this passed by so quickly. Everything...it was all gone...except for my company and me.

Mokuba...he was almost ready to start his own life now. How old was he now? Eighteen? Yes...eighteen. Older than I was when I desired the Egyptian God cards. Heh...it had been so long since then...although it seemed to go by in a flash.

Yuugi...he had certainately changed. After meeting him at the Night Club after a few years, he had definately molded into a whole different person of his own. He still had schizophrania, but there isn't much that can cure that now, is there?

I even saw Malik and Bakura. There was definately something wrong with both of them...maybe it was the schizophrania...damn. Why the hell do I always end up with schizos?

Malik kissed me. Wtf was that all about?!

Bakura stole my wallet...pah. I only had $20 in there, anyways...I never carry around too much money at once. Especially at a night club. -_-; Who knows who could be there...

All in all, even though KaibaCorp has progressed and I have gotten richer, I've spiraled downwards in my life itself. I no longer find as much competition in dueling. Hell, kids duel now...around the ages of nine or ten. Damn...it's also sunken lower...just like me.

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